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Reusable produce Bags (set of 5)


Perfect to replace small plastic bags in the fruit and veggies section at the grocery store.

Each set includes 5 pieces.

A carrying pouch that can be used for bulk (16 ½ cm x 25 ½ cm).
2 Medium mesh bags (21 cm x 30 cm).
2 Large mesh bags (26 cm x 35 cm).

These bags are machine washable and dishwasher safe and will keep their shape and color for a long time.

The mesh bags simplifies the work of cashiers who can easily see the contents of the bags and small labels on the fruits and vegies.

Can also be used as storage pouches when traveling or for carrying any other small items. Give way to your imagination and free yourself from the plastic!

Handmade in Quebec by social reintegration companies.