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Mandarin and Sage Hair Repair serum



This serum is specially designed to repair, strengthen and moisturize your hair naturally.

It is full of active and concentrated ingredients, such as sage essential oil, which helps prevent hair loss, as well as jojoba oil that helps restore the hair fiber, but does not obstruct it.

It only takes a few drops to help your hair regain or maintain its shine and to enjoy its sweet scent of mandarin!

5 drops are sufficient for medium length hair.

Shake well.
Apply a few drops on the length of clean and wet hair.

Caution: Essential oils are generally not recommended for pregnant women in the first trimester and infants under 3 months.
Contains essential oils that are not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women and children under 6 years old.

Keep away from humidity
For external use only.
Perform a skin test in the fold of the elbow before use.