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Hibiscus Face Whipped Butter

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Just like your body requires water to stay hydrated, your skin also needs its daily dose of moisturizing. This hibiscus face whipped butter, made with shea butter and aloe vera butter, is the perfect blend to treat and pamper your beautiful skin.

Handmade in Montreal


The face butter contains hibiscus, recognized as the « Botox » plant because it has powerful anti-ageing properties and the ability to increase skin elasticity. This product will help improve the evenness of your natural skin tone and complexion while leaving your skin perfectly hydrated. Organic aloe vera was also added, that will naturally fight acne, ageing and effects of sunburns. The passion fruit oil, which is a high source of vitamin A and E will restore skin comfort, radiance and smoothness, for a perfect healthy look.

Suitable for normal to very dry skin. Note that the colour of the product varies from orange to light yellow due to the rosehip oil.

Ingredients: shea butter, aloe butter, hibiscus oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, rose hip oil, argan oil, passion fruit oil and tamanu oil.

On a dry and clean skin, apply a small amount. (Note that this product does not contain added water, thus, a very small amount is enough!)