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Varech & Lichen

Facial Mask - Canadian Glaciers Clay


15 g

This revitalizing mask is made from plants, clays and essential oils. It is formulated for mature skin. Add a little water, mix, and you're done.

Ingredients: white clay, Canadian glaciers clay (glacio-marine), licorice, horsetail, myrrh, plantain, bee pollen, fennel. Essential oils: Atlas cedar, wild carrot, serrata incense.

Directions: Take about 1/2 teaspoon of powder and moisten with water to form a paste. Apply on the face and neck. You can add a hint of honey to the mixture for its many benefits to the skin (moisturizing, purifying, softening ...) and make the care more emollient. Avoid letting the mask dry. Keep it moist during the break time (about 15 minutes) with a vaporizer or hydrolate tonic. I also invite you to check out this blog post about our masks.

This 15g container can make 6-8 masks.

Rinse well and follow with a tonic and serum to re-hydrate the skin.

To do once or twice a month or more as needed but not more than once a week.