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Varech & Lichen

Eau de parfum - Lemon incense

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5 ml

A fresh, tangy scent built around unique scented Labrador tea with notes of white sage, bergamot mint, neroli, lemon myrtle, incense, vetiver and oakmoss.

Ingredients: parfum naturel à base d’alcool pur, d’huiles essentielles, de résines et d’absolues.

Directions: apply without rubbing on the pulse points (inside the wrists, neck, behind the ears) and in the middle of the chest. If you find that the smell disappears too fast in these places, try to put some in the hollow of the elbow and on the side of the wrists.

Caution: those perfumes contain a proportion ranging from 8% to 15% of pure essential oils. We suggest doing a skin test before use.