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Varech & Lichen

Botanical perfume - Honey Tobacco


5 ml

The sublime essential oil of balsam poplar, a treasure of our boreal terroir, was the initial inspiration of this perfume. Its buds secrete a strongly aromatic resin with which the bees make their propolis.

To accompany this sweet and unique smell, essences of chamomile, thyme, Ho wood, neroli, hay, tobacco, oak moss and absolute beeswax.

Ingredients: this natural fragrance, without alcohol, is made with coconut oil, pure essential oils, resins and absolutes.

Directions: apply without rubbing on the pulse points (inside the wrists, neck, behind the ears) and in the middle of the chest. If you find that the smell disappears too fast in these places, try to put some in the hollow of the elbow and on the side of the wrists.

Caution: natural botanical fragrances contain a high proportion of pure essential oils. We suggest doing a skin test before use.