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All-purpose baby balm


50 ml (48 g)

This repairing balm, composed of oils, shea butter and plant extracts, is nourishing, emollient and softening to help the skin in case of redness, Soapsdryness and/or skin irritation.

Lavender essential oil is healing and antiseptic. The selected plant extracts help to calm irritation and inflammation.

This product is useful for the whole family: for dry hands, as a protection for the cheeks during the winter days, or even for the buttocks of the baby (not compatible with washable diapers).

Directions: Apply to the skin to relieve irritation or dryness. Can also be used for preventive purposes.

Caution: Essential oils are generally not recommended for pregnant women in the first trimester and infants under 3 months.

Allergies: contains shea butter and sweet almond oil.
For external use only.

It is recommended to perform a skin test in the bend of the elbow before use.

Keep away from humidity.