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What is Klova?


We try to have as little impact as possible on the environment and we choose our products and suppliers accordingly.


We carry products that do not contain toxic ingredients. And we try as much as possible to promote organic ingredients.

Local Products

We promote local suppliers which also helps us reduce our environmental footprint.


By offering the option to refill some products at a better price, we also help reduce plastic waste one refill at a time.

Quality Products

We make sure to carry good quality as well as efficient products

Socially Responsible

We like our products to be ethically made. We prioritize fair trade, and we encourage suppliers who have a positive impact on communities.

Our mission

The natural beauty mixed with eco-friendly values

Our mission is to help you transition to a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and help you reinforce your already established good habits.


Why in BULK?

The benefits of buying in BULK 

DID YOU KNOW that at Klova Sustainable Shop you can also fill your containers in our BULK section? Bring your own containers and fill them with the products of your choice and in the quantities that suit you. By doing so, you will help reduce waste, while saving money! In fact, buying in bulk is always cheaper than packaged and bottled!
If you ever forget your container, no problem! We have shelves of beautiful empty containers that you can reuse later 😊